More than 25 years of Clinical trials experience.

Our Leadership Team is equipped with more than 25 years of clinical trials experience. Our robust staffing expertise and multifaceted experience enables efficient and effective support to various clinical trial areas.
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Our Leadership Team


Our CEO has over 25 years working experience in establishing companies globally. As a CEO, Managing Partner of current and past professional careers, his responsibilities lie within leading groups strategically on a path of higher ground. One of his major life aspirations involves contributing back to society. Back in 2014, Scott launched a non-profit organization called “Charity for Life” mission, to give back to society, help keep the Planet Green, and keep animals and humans safe and protected. Charity for Life continues to contribute funds to society for those who are in desperate need world-wide.

Our CEO is currently working and supporting some of the largest Healthcare facilities in the U.S., which are based in Texas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Atlanta, and Indiana. Being in the position to bring extensive knowledge of Global Management, Business Development and Marketing, Scott’s mission is to put AGGClinical on the map as a leading provider of Clinical Research throughout the Globe.


Our COO has over 25 years of experience in various clinical research settings – pharmaceutical industry, CRO, and health care. He has served in several executive roles with expertise in business development, project management, clinical operations, audits and regulatory, and data management and statistics.

In his recent executive position, he was successful in knitting together a highly decentralized research program and encouraged the innovative spirit of the development of streamlined processes for clinical trial approvals, fast study start-ups, hands-on approach in management of in-progress studies, careful mentoring of research staff, and encouraged building new Sponsor and physician relationships, as well as strengthened existing collaborative ties globally. 

Sr. Director
Clinical Operations

Our Sr. Director has over 25 years of experience in CRO, biopharmaceutical industry, and trial management, having served in a number of management roles encompassing business development, clinical operations, training and development, and trial management. He is well versed in sponsor management. As operations manager from his previous company, he has raised site recruitment by 20%, increased patient recruitment by 25% and decreased regulatory clinical trial application-approval cycle time by 30%.

His Therapeutic experience in Oncology, Cardiology, Immunology, Dermatology, and Nutrition. Experience managing Phase I to Phase IV trials including investigator-initiated studies and Phase I bioavailability/bioequivalence studies, managing and monitoring key performance indicators and all phases of the trial from feasibility through closeout.

Sr. Director
Data Management & Resourcing

Our Sr. Director of Data Management and Resourcing has years of medical and clinical research experience, with concentrations on clinical data management and clinical research resourcing. Her Therapeutic Areas of work focus primarily on: Oncology (Bladder, Breast, Prostate, Lung Cancers, etc.), Neurology (Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s, Autism, etc.), and Respiratory studies. She has worked on studies from Phase I-IV, with concentration on Phase II & III trials. She has experience working in all stages of a study trial, from the feasibility stage all the way to post closeout administrative tasks.

She heads the Clinical Data Management and Resourcing Division of AGGClinical. She continues to guide clients through the complex process of analyzing clinical trial data to make smart, efficient, and effective clinical, regulatory and business decisions.


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